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Hello my name is Magicpenguin. It would be my username too, but some technical difficulties sprung up, so this was what I got. So I'm a person who sits in front of his screen in the dark in a room full of crazy electronics and distractions. I'm that guy who sits around reading about movies or books by Edgar Allen Poe or William S. Burroughs while all the other people are having fun in the pool or wherever the hell I am. I made that one thing with the orange which got #28 on the 30 most popular animutations at animutation portal and a few other things. I usually always have some animutation in progress, so expect to see one soon or whatever... I churn out constant videos, and if people enjoy them, good. I spend my time eating, animutating, wasting my life on the computer, reading and watching movies. I can't draw Hello Kitty and make it come out good. And oh yeah, Also I have a blog (available here), but you probably shouldn't check that out because it's incredibly stupid.

Favorite animutations (in absolutely no order)

Thoughts on my animutations

  • The Andy Milonakis Trial: My first, it has it's flaws and it's greatness. I like it. One reason it's so great is that I spent much time looking at suggestions and tips and such on other movies.
  • Phantom Planet: Here's the scoop. I was going to make something very short, Cube 2: Hybercube short. Since I only had a few new characters, but this was the only song I could find. And phhh, well.
  • Barbara and the Flying Spatula: Ah, yes, my 3rd. And I manadged to rassle the majority of this flash up while I was away from my internets connection!! Yayz for me!!!
  • Barbecued Party Apples: My complete favorite of my works, it's all good. But I am afraid of people never liking anything of mine better than this and not shutting up. Bleh. I'm agnry.
  • Nomocle: Now, this, is my second favorite. No one likes it as much as BPA, but I about do. I worked hard times on this too much for it to be so underappretiated. This turned into a rant.

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