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Power 50
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Subtitle: Journey of Blahblah
Author: KKyuubi
Release Date: January 12, 2006
File Size: 9.57 MB
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Cosmo Kramer, Hibiscus Kazeneko
Audio Info
Dance Dance Revolution
Artist: Naoki
Album: DDR Extreme OST
Genre: Eurobeat
Language: English


Several weird things happen, people party, Colin Mochrie gets hit by a Cruise Missle, Cosmo Kramer anchors for a Chicago TV station, and many other random things.


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Audio Details

The song Dance Dance Revolution (named after its game of origin) was the final unlock on DDR Extreme. When played on heavy, the stepchart is made up of step patterns from other classic DDR songs.


  • This animutation contains 2 references to Chicago TV stations:
    • The movie is named after "Power 50", a famous alias for WPWR (channel 50) before the UPN era. In between the announcement of The CW and the launch of MyNetworkTV, the name returned following the lead of other Fox owned UPN affiliates scrubbing UPN branding from their stations. The station was formally known as "UPN Chicago" before this period.
    • The newscast scene design is based off WLS-TV (ABC7), the ABC affiliate in the Chicago area.
  • Just like It's Over!, this movie uses one external sound effect (the explosion in the cruise missle scene)
  • This animutation was created in a self-proposed challenge by KKyuubi to make an animutation with at least 90% new material.
  • The arrangement of the graphics in the newscast scene does not follow proper 4:3 tile safe zones for an HD feed
  • Although it is shown in "HD" in this movie, at the time this movie was created, WLS did not air newscasts in HD. Ironically, an announcement was made 13 days later announcing a transition to HD newscasts on January 6th 2007, being Chicago's first HD newscast.

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