It's Over!

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It's Over!
It's not over yet!
on Newgrounds
on the Animutation Portal
Author: KKyuubi
Release Date: August 15, 2006
File Size: 4.53 MB
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Audio Info
Ba Kkwo
Artist: Lee Jung Hyun
Album: Let's Go To My Star
Genre: K-Pop
Language: Korean
Hyper Bazooka Revolution
Artist: Tam Arrow
Genre: Eurobeat
Language: Engrish


The month before the release of this movie, KKyuubi started working on a remake of "Bakkwo: Part of the Souls 1" so he could possibly try again on Newgrounds (as the first version, which was the first movie he ever tried on Newgrounds got blammed), but he left it there, deprecated by other animutational projects of weirdness and satire.

But then suddenly when he got the idea to release a Clock Day animutation, he decided to, instead of starting a new one (which would take too much work), to just ressurect one of his incomplete ones for it.


Notable Props



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Now you've poisoned boys, boot rush, you, now I crush you!
Analyzin' my brain, my gosh, he's choking Saddam!

Lemme go kill everybody, lemt me spit on your body!
You're too fat for me body, You EAT you can't touch my body!!

Ma cooked me some Zippy onions,
Your Dad threw me so my body's sore
All them moogles need a something dig of something ugly raw.

Can your daddy eat a guava raw?
Well you so bunchin hooters idiots
Ma says go, ya gotta jog with the women, I don't care!

Ma says God is coming for your soul,
Together, ya better take the country mile!
Night is falling cause it's booyah hello Easy needs a star

Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, No instant car!
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Surrender now!
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, No Reeses now!
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, He's standing there.
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, No instant car!

Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Surrender now!
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo, No Reeses now!
Bakkwo, Bakkwo, Bakkwo,

So standing standing there for Bakkwo


Audio Details


  • The order of the channels, if it says "???", then the channel doesn't show any number:
    • 21
    • 32
    • 05
    • 57
    • 64
    • 151
    •  ???
    • 65
    • 210
    • 94
    • .59
    •  ???
    • 57
    • 15
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
    •  ???
    • 210 (easter egg)
  • Subliminal stuff:
    • Near the beginning, the sublimital message "B" can be seen. It is a reference to StrawberryClock's first movie to pass judgement 5 years ago on August 15th 2001, which was just a red letter B. This date soon became known as Clock Day.
    • After Colin says "OWWWWW!", "WHY! I Though I loved this movie!" can be seen for one frame.
    • When Homer's brain gets analyzed, "Wahbunga!" can be seen for one frame.
    • When the crosshair moves away from Homer's brain, the text "You are as windy shaky as a windy shaky driver" can be seen for one frame. Also during that frame, "Yay! We got it!" disappears, but returns in the next frame.
    • When Pee Wee Herman disappears, Colin can be seen on the "NO WAY!" sun for one frame.
    • During the second to final frame of the "Can you daddy eat a guava raw?" scene, Random Pokerap Guy says "I lost the bet, goodbye $100", assuming that the Random Pokerap Guy bet $100 on Abraham Lincoln not being able to eat a Guava raw.
    • There is a flurry of subliminals on the channel after the one with Breloom:
      • Happy clock day
      • Vote 5!
      • Wakman really is biased!
      • Font colors ahoy!
      • Some kind of clean
      • Lude the soggy salmon
      • You love the Nintendo Wii (and this movie)
      • Welcome to my grand finale to Clock Day
      • I hope you enjoyed it
      • StrawberryClock is CoolBoyMan...I KNEW IT!
      • The good part is coming, it has Jesus in it!
      • YAHOO!
    • Before the error, the text "Ooops, you bwoke it!" can be seen for one frame.
  • The "flagrant system error" scene is one of the few occassions in Animutation history that an outside sound effect had been used. The few other animutations that have this are Beer Pong and Conan's Quest for Peace, however, the other two used sounds a lot more than this one.
  • This movie has a total of 3 Homestar Runner references:
    • The error message near the end being simliar to one seen in the Strong Bad Email "virus"
    • The sublimital message before the "Flagrant System Error" scene says "Ooops, you bwoke it!".
    • The title "It's Over!" is a reference to Strong Bad's comic Teen Girl Squad, which ends with phrase. This, intergrated with the fact that this is KKyuubi's "finale" to Clock Day makes perfect sense.
  • References to other Animutations:
    • Hyakugojyuuichi: Colin can't have donuts instead of Fried Zippy because "TV says Donuts are high in fat, kazoo!", Channel 151, "Wakman really is biased!" subliminal message is a reference to "Wakeman is biased".
    • 3.14 x 5: Jay Jay flying by with signs...again!
    • Hyper Lincoln!: Abraham Lincoln going into "hyper mode", Hyper Bazooka Revolution being used in the easter egg.
    • We Drink Ritalin: The subliminal messages "WHY! I Though I loved this movie!" and "You love the Nintendo Wii (and this movie)" are a reference to the "You love this movie" subliminal message in We Drink Ritalin.
    • Perot Music Hour: The "Lube the soggy salmon" message is a reference to the same mondegreen in Perot Music Hour.
    • French Erotic Film: The "You are as windy shaky as a windy shaky driver" subliminal message is a reference to the "Windy Shaky Driver" mondegreen from French Erotic Film.
    • Dash/Ameligan: The channel switching format of this movie may be inspired by those 2 movies.
  • Easter Egg:
    • Click on Strawberry Clock's face on the Clock Day logo at the end to see a scene with all the Clocks featured in this movie being chased by Hyper Lincoln, accompanied by a snippet of the song from the animutation of the same name...
  • Messages during the analyzin' of Homer's brain:
    • Used for eating donuts, although TV says that they are high in fat
    • The neck bone is connected to the, red thing, the red thing is connected to my, wrist watch!
    • Yay! We got it!
    • Keep it steady!

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