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The Curse of Animutation, often called the DDR Dave Thomas Curse after the first noticed example, is an effect that has been observed happening to several animutation characters.


The best-known example was DDR Dave Thomas. Posted on Newgrounds on January 4, 2002, Wendy's founder Dave Thomas died four days later, January 8. This immediately led to speculation of a curse.

Later, in September 2003, Neil Cicierega released some of his more minor, non-animutational works. One, wtf.swf, featured Siegfried and Roy. About a week and a half later, Roy was mauled by a tiger, albeit non-fatally. (Wtf.swf also contained Kobe Bryant, whose rape accusations were just unfolding at that time, but it was released about a month after the first accusations surfaced. Both affected subjects would later die in 2020 via unpleasant means, with Kobe dying in a helicopter crash and Roy dying of coronavirus.) And in January 2004, Mark Hughes posted his classic animutation Shumway on, and the next day, Captain Kangaroo, one of the stars of Shumway, died.

Wesley Willis, who starred in Rock And Roll Mcdonalds, died over a year after the video was released.

At the beginning of December 2006, flashbastard released the minimutation Fish Funk. On Christmas day that same month, soul legend James Brown, who made a brief appearance in Fish Funk, died.

While "The Final Battle" by Tommy Wimmer was still on hiatus, Charles Manson died while Ron Jeremy was charged with multiple counts of rape. Days after its upload, co-star Busta Rhymes was eliminated from The Masked Singer.

On another note, although not animutations, Andrew Kepple's Up Skit Creek series featured Pope John Paul II in the first and Steve Irwin in the second. Both died within a year of their respective appearances.


There are no explanations as to why the curse would only affect certain characters, mainly ones who were only used in one or two movies. Major examples include Matthew Lesko, Colin Mochrie, and Alex Chiu. Earlier, people had suggested that Dave Thomas actually saw the movie, which caused his death. However, now that it is known that Lesko and Mochrie both know about their animutation star status, an inverse theory might hold up better: that animutation characters can fall victim to the curse if they don't see movies featuring themselves. It is unknown whether Alex Chiu has seen any of the movies featuring him, such as We Drink Ritalin, but he invented the Immortality Rings, which could be another cause for his immunity.

Another form of The Curse was brought up by KKyuubi in relation to his movie Power 50, which showed a newscast (anchored by Cosmo Kramer) airing on Chicago's owned and operated ABC affiliate WLS-TV in High Definition (according to the aspect ratio of the movie, and the "07-HD" display when the channel switched). At the time, WLS-TV did not air ABC7 News in HD, but on December 14th, they announced plans to go HD on January 6th of 2007. The curse in this way, made it so that the real life form of WLS would end up being presented in the same way that it was shown in the movie (HD). In this case, how something happened in an animutation, ended up happening in real life too.

It was briefly referenced to in Hyakugojyuuichi Forever. When Dave Thomas pops up, his pacemaker explodes and he says, "Ack! I'm a Fanimutation!"