The Final Battle

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The Final Battle
Z-Trip, LESKO!
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Full Title: The Final Battle
Subtitle: Jason vs. Hitler: FINALE!
Author: Tommy Wimmer
Release Date: September 20, 2020
File Size: 4.98 MB
Duration: 4:11
Complexity: 0
Animutatedness: Class A and a half
Star(s): Jason Kreis, Adolf Hitler, Discord, Dave the skunk, Busta Rhymes
Audio Info
Let the Rhythm Hit 'em 2007
Artist: Z-Trip feat. Rakim and Chevelle
Album: All-Pro Football 2K8
Genre: Mashup
Language: English
Artist: A Tribe Called Quest
Album: The Low End Theory
Genre: Rap
Language: English


IT ALL ENDS HERE! 100,000 people have crowded the Rose Bowl for the battle of the century!

Soccer player Jason Kreis takes on Adolf Hitler.


Notable Props

  • Newgrounds tank
  • bass guitar
  • grand piano
  • bulletproof vest
  • rifle
  • soccer ball
  • gun
  • Cute Blood
  • disco ball
  • Discord logo
  • Sobe bottle
  • Immortality Rings
  • skunk weed
  • cannon
  • axe


Jimi Hendrix's band opens up the battle with a pre-game show at the Rose Bowl.

A death battle starts between Jason Kreis and Adolf Hitler, with Jason winning round one. Then some randomness happens before the half-time show.

The soundtrack changes to "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest, then round two starts. Hitler wins round 2 when he drops Jason and Dave the skunk down a bottomless pit, but only Dave survived the fall. He takes Jason Kreis' lifeless body to Busta Rhymes' voodoo cave.

Up above, Hitler starts his world domination. Busta Rhymes then sends Dave to recruit the Rhymeers to revive Jason Kreis. Their summoning powers give him Discord's body, and he revives the dead. Jason Kreiscord flies back to the surface, riding on the Discord logo.

When he tries to shoot Hitler with Calimero, Vin Diesel assassinates Xi Jinpooh by shooting down Jay-Z the Jet Plane. Jason Kreiscord chops off Hitler's head, revealing George Washington. He then shoots Adolf Washington in the head, killing him. Then Discord and Jason turn back to normal. The soundtrack turns back into "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em", as Jason leads his gang to run over Adolf's lifeless body.


Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics


It's been a long time
I'm the arsenal
I got artillery lyrics of ammo
Rounds of rhythm
Then I'm 'a give 'em piano
Bring a bullet proof vest
Nothin' to ricochet
Ready to aim at the brain
Now what the trigger say
Tempos triflin'
Felt like a rifle
Massage 'n' melodies
Might go right through
Simultaneously like an Uzi
Nothin' can bruise me
Lyrics let up when lady
Say don't lose me
So reload quickly
And you better hit me
While I'm lettin'
This fifi get wit' me
You steppin' with 007
Better make it snappy
No time to do your hair, baby
Brothers are bustin' at me
Beats and bullets pass me
None on target
They want the R hit
But watch the God get
Quicker, the tongue is the trigger
'Cause I'm real fast
Let off some rhythm at 'em
Let 'em feel the blast
Penetrate at a crazy rate
This ain't thirty-eight
Hit 'em at point blank range
And watch 'em radiate
Runnin' out of ammunition
I'm done wit' 'em
You ask me how I did 'em
I let the rhythm hit 'em
I push a power that's punishable
Better be a prisoner
The hit man is the
Brother wit' charisma
Showing you that I have
Powerful paragraphs
Followers will become leaders
But without a path
Ya mentally paralyzed
Crippled ya third eye
Rhymes are blurred
Then it occurred that you heard I reduced
Here we go yo, here we go yo
So what so what so what's the scenario
Ayo Bo knows this (what?) and Bo knows that (what?)
(who's that?) Brown
So may I say, call me Charlie
The word is the herb and I'm deep like Bob Marley
(True blue!) Scooby Doo, whoopie doo
Scenarios, radios, rates more than four
Scores for the s'mores that smother dance floors
Now I go for mine, shades of sea shore
Ship-shape, crushed grapes, apes that play tapes
Papes make drakes baked for the wakes
Of an L-AH, an E-ADER, simply just a leader
Base in the space means peace, see ya later
Later? (Later!) Later alligator
Pop blows the weasel and the herb's the inflater
So yo the D what the O, incorporated I-N-C into a flow
Funk flipped flat back first this foul fight fight fight
Laugh yo how's that sound (oh!)
It's a Leader-Quest mission and we got the goods here (here!)
Never on the left 'cause my right's my good ear (ear!)
I could give a damn about a ill subliminal
Stay away from crime so I ain't no criminal
I love my young nation, groovy sensation
No time for hibernation, only elation
Don't ever try to test the water, little kid
Yo Mr. Busta Rhymes, tell him what I did
I heard you rushed and rushed, and attacked
Then they rebuked and you had to smack
Causing rambunction, throughout the sphere
Raise the levels of the boom inside the ear
You know I did it
So don't violate or you get violated
The hip-hop sound is well agitated
Won't ever waste no time on the played-out ego
So here's Busta Rhymes with the, Scenario
Watch, as I combine all the juice from the mind
Heel up, wheel up, bring it back, come rewind
Powerful impact boom from the cannon
Not bragging, tryna read my mind just imagine
Vo-cab-u-lary's necessary
When digging into my library
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!
Eating Ital Stew like the one Peter Tosh-a
Uh, uh uh, all over the track man
Uh, pardon me, uh, as I come back
As I did it yo I had to beg your pardon
When I travel through the town I roll with the squadron
Rawr! Rawr! Like a dungeon dragon
Change your little drawers 'cause your pants are sagging
Try to step to this, I will, twist you in a turban
And had you smelling ripe, like some old stale urine
Chickity-choco, the chocolate chicken
The rear cock diesel, butt cheeks they were kicking
Yo, busting out before the Busta bust another rhyme
The rhythm is in sync (uh!) the rhymes are on time (time!)
Rippin' up the sound just like Horatio
Observe the vibe and check out the scenario!
Yeah, my man motherfucker!
Here we go yo, here we go yo
So what so what so what's the scenario
Here we go yo, here we go yo
So what so what so what's the scenario
Here we go yo, here we go yo
So what so what so what's the scenario
Here we go yo, here we go yo
So what so what so what's the scenario
Z-Trip, let's go
Let it hit 'em
Can't stop the bum rush
Let it hit 'em
Can't stop the bum rush

Audio Details

  • The first song song is a mashup of "Let the Rhythm Hit 'em" by Eric B. and Rakim and "Open" by Chevelle, from the video game All Pro Football 2K8.
  • This is the second time the author has featured a Chevelle song in one of his animutations. The first time was in 2007's "Untitled Skitty Project".


  • Production on this animutation started in December 2014, at the same time as Revenge of the Nazis and Money Money, only to be placed on hold for years. Production resumed in the summer of 2020 to add the song "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest.
  • References to other animutations:
  • Subliminal messages:
    • Free Ian Watkins!
    • Will Jimmy Neutron ever get his whummo?
    • They call me Mr. Boombastic.
    • And I swear that I don't have a gun. No I don't have a gun...
    • 'ello guvna!
    • North Korea is best Korea.
    • I'm so ronery!
  • References to other songs:
    • "Boombastic" by Shaggy: "They call me Mr. Boombastic."
    • "Come As You Are" by Nirvana: "And I swear that I don't have a gun. No I don't have a gun..."
    • "I Shot the Sheriff" by Bob Marley: Bob Marley shoots the Sheriff of Nottingham.
    • "I'm So Ronery" from Team America: One of Kim Jong-il's subliminal messages.
    • "Chocolate Rain" by Tay Zonday: His summoning power.
    • "Mo Bamba" by Sheck Wes: When he first sees Jason Kreiscord, Mo Bamba yells "Fuck! Shit! Bitch!"
    • "Stick 'em Up" by Quarashi: "I bomb the mic like a fascist". The original recording mentioned Adolf Hitler, but the international release replaced his name with Mussolini.
    • "Feel Good Inc." by Gorillaz: "Lay those ponies on the track, it's your chocolate attack."
    • "Monster" by the Automatic: "What's that coming over the hill, is it a monster?"
    • "One Week" by Barenaked Ladies: "You have a drumstick and your brain stops tickin'"
    • "Voodoo Lady" by Ween: "Voodoo lady, shakin' that stick and drivin' me crazy"
  • Picard calling Discord "Q" is a reference to John de Lancie, the actor who played both characters.
  • This video has a delayed variation of The Curse: Charles Manson died in November 2017, when the video's production was still on hiatus. Also, shortly before production resumed, Ron Jeremy was charged with multiple counts of rape. During the end credits, Tommy Wimmer apologized for reviving Jeremy.
    • Days after the animutation was uploaded, Busta Rhymes was the first contestant eliminated from Season 4 of The Masked Singer.
  • A lot of changes were made between the unfinished and final cuts.
    • "Scenario" replaces most of "Let the Rhythm Hit 'Em".
    • Jason Kreis' super form was originally Goku's hair instead of Discord.
    • Discord was originally one of the impaled heads in hell. In the final cut he gives Jason Kreis his super form.
    • Zippy originally flew into Girl's Generation. In the final cut he is one of the revived characters.

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