The Moscow Incident: 25 Years Later

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The Moscow Incident: 25 Years Later
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Author: KKyuubi
Release Date: June 9, 2006
File Size: unknown
Duration: 1:45
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Gendo Ikari, Random Pokerap Guy
Audio Info
Moskau '99
Artist: Dschingis Khan
Genre: Dance
Language: German


Set to a kickin' club mix of Moskau, we take a look at what happened 25 years after "The Moscow Incident"...tons of singing and dancing, and trippy scenes follow in this movie presentation. Presented in Widescreen where it is l33t enough to have it!


Notable Props



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Must bow!
Then look behind the skull
Two men are spoiled them boys
Might be the size?

Hay! Hay! Hay! Hay!

Dock there be here again
Here lies "I foiled your friend"
Indian Surprise

Hay! Hay! Hay! Hay!

Prozac in Hay Hay Hay let's be Blazin'!
Natasha ha ha ha let be cheatin'!
Karate hey hey hey up the Slayven!
Compton boo get the hay through the hole!

Hay! Hay! Hay! Hay!

Moscow Moscow!
Here we see a landing van!
Host now lists a Shirtistan?

Ho ho ho ho ho! Hay!

Moscow Moscow!
Dynasty la it's a bus!
NASCAR is the type of lose!

Ho ho ho ho ho! Hay!

Moscow Moscow!
Please Respect the Caviar
Benjamin's Armpits and Car

Ho ho ho ho ho! Hay!

Moscow Moscow!
Come and dance and often fish!
This to this and some and drink

Ha ha ha ha haaaaaa......


Audio Details

A 1999 club remix of Moskau


  • References to other Animutations:
    • DAIKENKAI! YAY!: Compton Boo gets the Hay through a Sashen Hole
    • The Moscow Incident: This movie was made as a sequel to the arforemented movie, so it contains reused mondegreens, but only one visual is shared between the 2 movies. (The picture of Moscow at night)
    • Elvis Not Included: Simliar looking trippy background in the first scene with the "Animu Rockettes".
    • Hyakugojyuuichi/3.14 x 5: Colin Mochrie moon during the "Two men are spoiled them boys" mondegreen and Jay Jay's fly by is a parody of Hyakugojyuuichi, and the Colin Mochrie Moon was first shown during "3.14 x 5."
    • Hyakugojyuuichi: The phone number for tickets to see "The Singing Goths" live in concert is "1-151-573-HOBO", with 151 representing the name of the number in Japanese "Hyakugojyuuichi", and HOBO being a reference to the mondegreen "Found a hobo in my room".
    • Shumway: During the final chorus, whenever "Hay" comes up, the main object in the scene gets the Hay picture dropped on it.
    • Revival of the Node 7/8: The "landing van" is actually just RAMChYLD's cruiser thingy, in the redesigned form that debuted in "Revival of the Node 7/8"
    • The Squirrel of Life: When held down, the Play button on the preloader reads "Sherbert"
    • The Chocolate E: The Phunbus moving backwards
  • After the "Might be the Size?" line, the lyric box reads "Lookie here! Fake Lyrics! You Love Fake Lyrics!)

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