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This is Davidizer13, an animutation fan with some kind of vision. I don't make 'em, I just enjoy them. Below, I have listed each Animutation Portal submission in numerical order and reviewed them. Enjoy! Note: All reviewed animutes get a score, up to 100.

Submissions 1-25

Submission 3: Kermit in the Holy Land

By Mudi, the webmaster. This was an, um interesting animutation based on the Muppet Show theme in some other language. While done well, the story is a bit weird, and the mondegreens are just not there. Still, it was sorta funny. Score: 76/100

Submission 4: Nothing

By Medwards. I watched it for the first time when I was researching this project. It was a plain weird song with an interesting style. While not quite an animutation, it had some elements of it in the end. The best part was ('39-'45 NOTHING (except WW2)). Score: 74/100

Submission 5: Leela Doo

By Mudi once again. I love this movie. I'll state that at the beginning. So when I found out that it was on AP and I don't have to go hunting for it, I said "Yippee!" and watched it. In this movie, Leela and Scooby-Doo merge bodies and go on some trippy adventure which includes nuclear devices, a nerd hole, giant guys, a bad childhood, and UFOs. Then they all fly away on Jay Jay. And all this happens to some weird Danish semi-pop. There's even a Sonic reference. Can't go wrong with that. Great story, points for mondegreens, and just plain excellence. Score: 88/100

Submission 6: Tippy's Taco Shack

By papaSKROBE. Now, why didn't I see this earlier? Stupidity, I guess. It's some incomprehensible song about taco battles or something. It's got great mondegreens to go with the strange song. A weiner and a taco for three and a half bucks. Score: 83/100

Submission 12: Hyakugojyuuichi 3

By Keith Stack. Finally, an animutation! Too bad it has to be this one. Some nice guitar theme gives way for "Sex Bomb" and some guy's head explosion. Score: 68/100

Submission 13

Blankety-blank blank.

Submission 14

Blank once more. What happened, Mudi?

Submission 15: An Xmas Fanimutated

By Max le Fou. Finally, an enjoyable animutation! This is one of the weirdest animutes since Shumway, mostly attributed to that song. Seriously, what were they smoking? It starts sorta normal, as did Chocolate Niblet Beans, but then it drops into insanity with some kind of French speaking interlude, Dave Thomas' Singles Commercial, and bewildering style changes. If you want to make a demented animute, this is how to do it. Score: 85/100

Submission 16: Rupert the Bear

By Max le Fou. He must have been submitting his stuff that day. Rupert the Bear, an animated character, rocks out hard with Hamburglar, sprites, and bear man. "All Your base..." "Are belong" "To us!!" Score: 76/100

Submission 17: Pikachu Song

By Max le Fou. More French weirdness. Isn't AP great? The Fat Chef person sings and Pikachu and sprites pop up randomly. There's some sort of error and some Newgrounds blammer pops up at the end. Score: 73/100

Submission 18: AIWA!

Boy was ButtBadger busy today. Wish I could read French. Louis Armstrong, a bunch of weird people (I think one of them is Max) and renniD nezroF sing this strange song that sounds like the theme from "The Aristocats." Score: 72/100

Submission 19: L4 C1CR4N3 & L4 FR0UM1

Maxy translated it just for us. I think it's a French version of "The Ant and the Grasshopper." Anyway, it's sorta weird, but I could sorta understand it, unlike his other submissions that day. Score: 77/100

Submission 20: LINKS!!1

Another Max le Fou production. I think this is one of his best. After all, it's got a Rammstein song and a bunch of Links do battle and stuff. Everybody rocks out and it looks cool. My favorite part is when the creepy baby sings about Ganon. Try to see the Links throw. And Link from Ocarina of Time wets his green tunic. The Max suspect pops up again too. Score: 86/100

Submission 22: The Fingertips Project

A collaborative effort. This is one of the greatest animutations that was ever made. All the sections are from They Might Be Giants interludes in their Fingertips album, and they come together to make this incoherent masterpiece. The best section is either the finale, "I Don't Understand You," or "Something Grabbed a Hold of my Hand." This is animutation at some of its best. Score: 95/100

Submission 23: Seeing Jesus H. Christ

By UN-J. Urkel sings about seeing Jesus everywhere. It's sorta creepy, and it gets repetitive. Score: 69/100

Submission 25: Hyakugojyuuichi 2 The Return !

Max makes another one. He reuses the song and some of the mondegreens from the original Hyakugojyuuichi and does a notable job, but you can do yourself a favor and see the real thing. Score: 71/100

Submissions 26-50

Submission 26: AGAGAH!

Seems appropriate our French friend should make another one to start this part of Teh List. It's a minute of insanity. But it's just too crazy. That's all I can say, really. Score: 67/100

Submission 34: NawT fox rieds a gyent Cawk whil shaikign a willE

By Canuckles. Seeing the title made me think, "What?" Then I used my Idiot Translator. Then I realized it was sort of unprintable. There's some kind of plot to it, about George W. Bush bombing brown people or something. But it's too crazy, too short and just too stupid to go anywhere important. Score: 37/100

Submission 35: Goofy Goober YAY!

OH NOES!1! It's ButtBadger! He uses an annoying song from the mediocre Spongebob Squarepants movie and somehow makes it appealing with some techno/hip-hop remix and random sprites. Hardly. It didn't use any of his French mondegreens, which could have made for a more entertaining film. Score: 69/100

Submission 36: Pokey and the Ombaoojiebaseo

By DL and Misteroo. Dedicated to the Pokey the Penguin webcomic. An anime cat screams some weird Korean song with adequate mondegreens and some um, wonderful, ChronoTrigger sprites. It's even got messages about the state of mondegreens and the New York Mets. And Pokey hates Itallians. What does that have to do with anything? But I like the Korean screamo and the mondegreens. Score: 81/100

Submission 37: French Erotic Film

By Andrew Kepple. We hit the big time suddenly! renniD nezroF goes on an epic adventure with UFOs from Plan 9 from Outer Space that turns everything Scottish, French pr0n, Colin Mochrie, Zippy the CD-ROM driver, Princess Diana's disembodied head (they saved her brain!), and a battle with Jesus H. Christ, Singing Goths, Heart Power, and a bunch of Photoshopped images. And they all do it to an insane Dutch song. Free the Chained Up Thing! This used to rule the Portal until a bigger heavyweight came and wiped it out. The mondegreens and song are quite good, and the story is just out there. Score: 94/100

Submission 38: French Erotic BIRTHDAY!

By Andrew Kepple. Same concept as above, only with Zippy in the middle scenes and more mondegreens. I liked it better. Score: 95/100

Submission 39: Plan 9 from Underpants

TmsT makes another. This is the sequel to the French Erotic Film, with ST3R30-VISION; its first appearance. Colin Mochrie is living in Ted Turner's house. Meanwhile, the Space Leprechauns are hunting for him as they fly through Dwedit's world. He trains to beat Jesus H. Christ through Kortal M(W)ombat in Kandahar. Subliminally, it explains why subliminal messages are used in animutations. Dung harbor! It's got wacky mondegreens about a Doom Baboon, float accounts and a rail car. Score: 94/100

Submission 40: Colin vs Jesus: FINALE!

Andrew Kepple has completed the cycle. This is it; the epic battle between Colin Mochrie and Jesus H. Christ. It's some kind of chant/epic song which plays as Colin saves the fanimutation characters from doom. There's a huge battle with a surprise ending in Animutopia, followed by an awesome animutation mix. Tons of references here to Dash, Shumway, and even a bit of Untitled. It shows all of Colin's appearances for a few brief seconds and a hilarious plan with a provided pause button. And it has French pr0n. Good story and mondegreens, supplemented by epic fight scenes. Score: 96/100

Submission 41: The Squirrel of Life

Kepple makes No.5. A squirrel in magenta pants flies the sun (which reqires a coin) through a surreal mix of the French Erotic Film and the opening song of The Lion King. We see Colin in a flower and Zippy momentarily. Then he joins two other squirrels and they rock out. Points for mondegreens and weirdness. Score: 93/100

Submission 42: Batman and the Magical Band-Aid

By Neil Cicierega. Trapezoid makes an appearance finally. Unfortunately, it's not up to par with, say, Earth vs. Funk or Hyakugojyuuichi. There's nothing to mondegreen, so points off. There's some sort of weird story or something and flashy backgrounds, but that's it for good points. Score: 74/100

Submission 43: Captain Lou Albano's Steady Descent into Madness

By Neil. This wrestler named Lou Albano claims he invented rock'n'roll in the Stone Age. Apparently he goes insane, and that's where it gets interesting. No mondegreens; it's in English. But it's really, really, weird. Score: 87/100

Submission 44: Cold Heart

Neil makes another. This short one is based off a song from the Care Bears. It's quite weird, with the Professor using adjectives starting with C to describe himself. The Pee Wee Legion marches across the screen for a bonus feature. Score: 81/100

Submission 45: Do the Mario!

Trapezoid's minimutation masterwork. Captain Lou, after he invented rock, ended up on a Mario TV show doing a stupid dance and Mario's voice. This is the song for his dance. It's really stupid. Don't do drugs or you'll make a song like this. Score: 84/100

Submission 46: Earth vs. Funk

Neil's best work. It's the first Slymutation, which means there's gonna be some good mondegreens. Some bizarre story about Funk's war on Earth. I actually heard the guitar opening for this song for a "So You Think You Can Dance" promo. It turns into nonsense when Spiderhead comes up. Missile cuts no cold. Then Funk fires the Supah Funk Beam 6000 and makes Earth funky. Both of them drop into insanity . Disobey your grandparents. Everybody's eyes get poked out. Now listen to Jambi the Genie. Cicierega at his best. Score: 97/100

Submission 47: Hyakugojyuuichi

Neil did this one. This *snif* is the first one I saw! Wahdee! Jay Jay the Jet Plane travels through the world lighted by Colin Mochrie and gets shot down. Then a whole bunch of weird stuff happens, and three Pee Wee Hermans revive him somehow. It's got a section with mondegreens, a subliminal message that you have to have supernatural powers to see, and general weirdness reigns. Nine out of ten sociopaths agree, ya gotta see Hyakugojyuuichii! (By the way, Hyakugojyuuichi means 151 in Japanese.) Score: 96/100

Submission 48: Jesus H. Christ (animutation)

By Trapezoid. Pikachu and a whole bunch of weirdos have an island adventure where weird stuff happens. They practice counting to four several times. Colin Mochrie pops up as a dead bird, nobody helps Pee Wee as he is chased by a runaway mine cart, then Jesus H. Christ (character) pops up. Note the timer is turning the "wrong" way. No mondgreens, but plenty of weirdness for a low-energy animute. Score: 87/100

Submission 49: Kung Fu Phil and the Death Cookie

More by Mr. Cicierega. This one is seriously messed up. There's plenty of seizures to be had. We learn about Mr. Mochrie's house (which is only a giant box, but that's fine with him). Ronald Reagan gives himself head trauma multiple times, some weird vampire person sings, and things are just plain messed up. No mondegreens; how this ended up as a "Must-See" is beyond me. Score: 86/100

Submission 50: Lesko's Revenge

Neil's work, not mine. We see renniD nezorF, or the Old Blue Scot, for the first time. Apparently he's Matthew Lesko's business partner, getting government grants left and right. They have a band, too, and this is their performance, and Alex Trebek likes it. Fred Flintstone does weird stuff. Then one awful day, Lesko falls off a cliff. He gets his revenge by singing with the Mochrie Army as an angel. Then we go into weird mondegreens which seem to revive Lesko. A clown smashes stuff in joy, more weird stuff happens, then Lesko scares six of the Mochries. Weird stuff, classic vintage animutation. Score: 90/100