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GraceJacques340(born 4/8/2003) is pretty much new to the animutation community. She usually makes her animutations with the coding website Scratch, although she has yet to learn how to use Adobe Animate or a similar program. As far as she knows, the first animutation she watched was Irrational Exuberance. She found it on Youtube while searching for the song "Yatta", which is one of her favorite songs. In late 2020, she would eventually become a fan of animutations, then release her first one in early 2021.

Recurring themes in her animutations include:

  • Her favorite characters from anime, video games, and cartoons, mainly obscure or popular ones.
  • References to her favorite animutations, most notably Pinto Rage.
  • Meme pictures, including Pop Cat.
  • References to her favorite media, mostly cartoons and video games.
  • Plush versions of her favorite characters.
  • Video game sprites, mostly coming from The Spriters Resource.

Like Andrew Kepple, RAMChYLD, Lord Zeebmork, and TheMaxMan11 did with their wiki pages, Grace wrote this page herself.


  • She is known to collect plush dolls and figures of characters she likes, mostly from eBay.
  • She owns various game consoles, such as the Wii U, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, Playstation 4, and Xbox 360.
  • Her favorite computer program is Flashpoint. She often watches animutations on it, even making a folder containing them.
  • So far, she has uploaded 10 animutations to her Youtube account, starting with Gimme That Cracker. The second one she uploaded was With Stars., where she used Swivel to convert the flash file to a video file.
  • In I am sharing a project, her second animutation, a picture of her wearing a cat mask and holding a Rinon plush can be seen in the second scene.
  • In What's in my head?, her real voice can be heard in the easter egg. This is the first time she recorded her own voice in one of her animutations.
  • The first page she visited on this wiki was We Drink Ritalin, which she searched on Google after finding out about it on this TV Tropes page.
  • Whenever she uploads an animutation to Youtube, she updates this page.

Completed Animutations

Sayonara Super-Star
I am sharing a project
What's in my head?
Coffee Seizure Time!
The Rina Itou Experience
Yippee for KEYGEN!

Upcoming Animutations

The Ultimate Animutation
Even More Pie! (her first Flash 'mutation)
It's time for a BIG SHOT!
The Fanimutation Dance Party!