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Author's Note: I'm working on a Clock Day version of this animutation. It will be released before my third one.

I am sharing a project
Even Undyne is shocked...
on Scratch
Author: GraceJacques340
Release Date: March 30, 2021
File Size: 19.0 MB (SB3)
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Audio Info
Artist: Jun Ishikawa & Hirokazu Ando
Language: Instrumental


A Scratch remake of I am submitting a movie, from the same author who brought you Sayonara Super-Star!


Notable Props


Scene 1: Astro Boy flies by the Surprised Pikachu meme picture while Technus spins, and Mari-chan just stands there.

Scene 2: Dinky Juju stands on top of a husky, while Yumi runs, Jevil dances, Gomamon spins, and Grace and Rinon (supposedly) watch.

Scene 3: Ayame runs by a meme with Cloud and Zack, while Bub watches.

Scene 4: Goro Majima spins really fast, Billy Hatcher and Haohmaru pass by each other, and Spat and Harmony watch the madness. As the background says: You could make a religion out of this!

Scene 5: Cappy says "But think of all the HATS!", all while Hat Kid dances next to a moving bottle of Yourself Cola and a spinning Game Boy Advance.

Scene 6: Saitama says "OK" to Lonk.

Scene 7: A screencap from the show Atomic Betty can be seen, along with flashing subliminal messages and a picture of Yoko Taro in the upper left corner.

Scene 8: Buttons the cat spins in front of Driftveil City, while 2 Skeptopotamus clones move vigorously, and Nanaki passes by.

Scene 9: Clockwork, Xiaoyu, Klonoa, and Kaiba spin in a circle in front of the Laughing Wolves meme picture, then disappear. Sora then appears.

Scene 10: Sora rides a Nintendo Switch in handheld mode in front of the same husky from scene 2 while Lancer rides his bike.

Scene 11: While Honekoneko spins, Penelope screams at the Animal Crossing Villager before hiding.

Scene 12: Ball Monokuma appears to be floating in front of a picture of AiAi falling with the caption "Retry".

Scene 13: Joel moves very fast in front of Pop Cat, while Rikku does nothing.

Scene 14: Shigeru Miyamoto spins very fast, accompanied by a screencap from a Pokemon episode, depicting Jessie, James, and Wobbuffet with a sick Meowth, along with the subtitle "Health must come first, or else evil can't prosper".

Scene 15: A new dance craze is born: the Popuko. This scene features 3 Popukos doing the "I'm me!" dance.

Scene 16: Stocking pokes Alphys with a clownfish while saying "FISH POKE!". Asgore, Papyrus, Undyne, and even Alphys watch in horror, but Toriel and Sans are the only ones that are finding it sort of amusing.

End screen: The text at the bottom of the "That's all there is." text encourages the viewer to click the green flag to play again. This is where Mondo Zappa and Sylvie Paula Paula are seen.



Audio Details

This animutation uses the same song as I am submitting a movie, but the audio quality is better. This is understandable since it was made in 2021.


  • Since I am submitting a movie is one of GraceJacques340's favorite animutations, she decided to remake it using Scratch. She also replicated the music using Sony Vegas.
  • The Game Boy Advance picture was taken by GraceJacques340 herself. She also owns the handheld in said picture.
  • In the second scene, a picture of the author can be seen. It depicts her wearing a cat mask and holding a Rinon plush. The plush was made for the 20th anniversary of the Dance Dance Revolution franchise, and she found it on eBay for 20 dollars.
  • The JamezBond reference in the flashing subliminal messages scene is referring to Sparky, who has spiky blue hair.
  • This might be the first animutation to show a picture of Mari-chan wearing clothes. In this case, a clean picture of her album.
  • Subliminal Messages in the 7th scene:
  • References to other Animutations:
    • I am submitting a movie: The entire thing is a tribute to said animation, right down to the flashing subliminal messages and the Bub cameo.
    • Strange Soup Hero: Sora riding a Nintendo Switch might be inspired by Homestar Runner and Stanley riding a computer keyboard.
    • Bend It Like A Knife: Stocking pokes Alphys with a fish while saying "FISH POKE!".
    • More Pie!: "DO THE POPUKO!" is an obvious parody of "DO THE BRELOOM!"
    • JamezBond: One of the subliminal messages is a reference to the phrase "Who says American cartoon characters can't have spiky hair?".
  • Cultural references:
    • When the Villager was announced for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS & Wii U in 2013, he instantly became a meme because of his face.
    • "you could make a religion out of this!" is a quote from the Bill Wurtz video "history of the entire world, i guess".
    • Pop Cat is a viral meme from 2020, which uses 2 edited pictures of a cat named Oatmeal. The pictures have been used to make videos in which the cat lip syncs various songs.
    • "All your base are belong to us" is a very obvious Zero Wing reference.

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