Sayonara Super-Star

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Sayonara Super-Star
Me too, Baby-Lon.
on Scratch
Full Title: Sayonara Super-Star
Author: GraceJacques340
Release Date: March 30, 2021
File Size: unknown
Duration: 1:54
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): DJ Taka
Audio Info
Album: Beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle
Language: Chinese
Brain Power
Artist: Noma
Album: Noma's 1st Album
Genre: J-Core
Language: English


In GraceJacques340's debut animutation, dj TAKA hallucinates many bizarre things, such as Pai Chan throwing a Dreamcast, GIR riding Bob, and a plethora of other things.


In the Easter Egg:

Notable Props



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

To the MOM!!!

Jiǔ děngle!

Audio Details

The song used is SA.YO.NA.RA. SUPER STAR from beatmania IIDX 19 Lincle. The song is mostly instrumental, but contains a spoken line in Chinese at the end.

The song in the easter egg is a small clip of Brain Power by Noma, which appears in various rhythm games.


  • This animutation was created with Scratch, a coding and programming website intended for kids 8 and up. The author has been on there since 2012, and she's still active.
  • Funny enough, the DJ Taka picture was taken from the IIDX video for SA.YO.NA.RA. SUPER STAR, the song used in this 'mutation.
  • OTP stands for "one true pairing".
  • There is an easter egg that can be accessed when the blue text at the end is clicked.
  • The cropped picture of Pico, as seen in the easter egg, is taken from the HTML5 game Friday Night Funkin', a rhythm game that's like Dance Dance Revolution, but with a bit of Parappa the Rapper thrown in.
  • It's revealed that the old ACME Fake Lyric Generator can glitch up if touched by a baby character. It even learned new phrases.
  • While this animutation was still being made, the author was originally going to use PogChamp in the GIR riding Bob scene, but due to its removal from Twitch, she used Shark Pog instead. She also included Susie after getting a plush of her in the mail.
  • The sprites of Ulala, Segata Sanshiro, and Pai Chan are taken from Project X Zone and its sequel.
  • Production on this animutation started in September 2020, and it was finally finished and shared near the end of March 2021.
  • Despite having mixed feelings on Gantz, the author felt the urge to include Kei Kurono, a character from said series.
  • References to other Animutations:
    • Chew Chew Rocket: Pai Chan saying "DREAMCAST!"
    • DAIKENKAI YAY!: Peko flying out of a Sashen Hole, as well as the AFLG glitching up.
    • Untitled: The message "FAKE TEETH!" appears at the same time as Kei Kurono.
    • We Drink Ritalin: Baby-Lon declares "I LOVE THIS MOVIE!", an obvious elaboration of "You Love This Movie".
    • The Chocolate E: Buff Riku saying "It's morning mom, isn't it?" and the flying Frooganoogle.
    • Burn Fest: Mature questions what she's doing here, just like Ernie and Eevee did.
    • The Time For Butter: Nall's appearances are a nod to said animutation.
    • Foo-La-La!: One of the broadcasts is "lemon gummy (not foo-la-la)". Additionally, a Lemon Gummy bounces off Mr. Nutty's hat.
    • Herman's got Material: The "to the MOM!!!" mondegreen and the appearance of the hockey jird.
    • Gimme That Cracker: Boota standing on top of a Prego jar is a very obvious reference to the "Boota Prego" mondegreen.
  • References to media:
    • The scrolling green text that says "Now that just plain hurts." is a quote from the Danny Phantom episode "Girls' Night Out".
    • The fan art of Maximus I.Q. is parodying the Samurai Jack episode "Jack vs. Aku". However, it had to be censored due to the bad word detector, so it says "EXTRA THIC"(with only one C) instead of "EXTRA THICC".
    • "HEE HO" is Jack Frost's verbal tic/catchphrase. He often inserts it into his sentences.
  • Messages shown on the AFLG when it glitches up:

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