What's in my head?

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What's in my head?
I sure hope Sonico doesn't get dizzy...
on Scratch
Author: GraceJacques340
Release Date: November 5, 2021
File Size: unknown
Duration: 0:36
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Audio Info
Artist: Koji Kondo
Album: Super Mario World soundtrack
Language: None


Have you ever wondered what was going on inside GraceJacques340's head? Well, here's your answer.


Notable Props



There are no lyrics.

Audio Details

This animutation uses the same song as Speed Demon.


  • This is GraceJacques340's first animutation to feature Alex Chiu.
  • Adding onto the above, this is also her second minimutation.
  • The sound clip at the end comes from the Atomic Betty episode "Toxic Talent".
  • Mettaton EX saying that "This movie is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!" is a possible reference to a running joke in animutations in which characters comment on the movie negatively. In this case, he's actually commenting on it positively.
  • The "I'm sorry you have to see this..." message in the first scene is an apology to people who didn't like Uzaki.
  • At the ending screen, wait for a pink button to appear, then click it for an easter egg in which GraceJacques340 herself announces that you found the secret Dopefish.
  • Messages in the "Brain on Altoids" scene:
  • References to other animutations:
    • Hyakugojyuuichi: If you look inside the project and select the parrot sprite, its size is 151%.
    • Sayonara Super-Star: Doripaku says "I love this movie!", much like Baby-Lon did. The difference is that he says it with only the I capitalized.
    • Japanese Pokerap EX Plus Alpha: The message "The Nintendo Switch isn't that bad!" is a reference to a similar message about the Gamecube.
    • Leela Doo: The "More what is mine! LOL" message.
    • Solve It on a Gila: Tsuyu's cameo is a nod to the aforementioned 'mutation.
    • I am sharing a project: The flashing messages in the "Brain on Altoids" scene are a callback to a similar scene in I am sharing a project.
    • The Fingertips Project: Sora and Mimi appearing together.
    • Money Money: Jingle says he was in X Japan with Ryuk, King Boo, Zigzagoon, and Kabuki, which is an obvious reference to a similar phrase in Money Money.
    • Rhythm and Police: Yoko Taro appearing, followed by his last name flashing various colors, is most likely a reference to Rhythm and Police.
    • Kelenar's animutations: The end screen that contains a soundbite is a nod to Kelenar's works.
    • Neutrino's works: Pip's cameo is a nod to the aforementioned works.