What The?!

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What The?!
Whoops, maybe we should have noticed that?
on the Animutation Portal
Subtitle: Generic Internet Movie #242151
Author: KKyuubi
Release Date: June 16, 2006
File Size: unknown
Duration: unknown
Complexity: unrated
Animutatedness: unrated
Star(s): Random Pokerap Guy, Gendo Ikari
Audio Info
Artist: Neil Cicierega
Genre: Mashup
Language: English
Artist: HappaTai
Genre: Pop
Language: Japanese


Take a behind the scenes look in the making of "WTF: The Movie", and also learn why we were told to "watch out for snakes" as well!


Notable Props



Fake Lyrics Real Lyrics

Ho ho ho! (I don't know!)
Ho ho ho! (I don't know!)

Yo ho ho! (Eye Don't No!)
Yo ho ho! (Eye Don't No!)



Yo ho ho! (Eye don't no!)
Ho ho oh no(cuts off)


Sue itchy guys, uh huh (it burns! it burns!)
Ohoemi Kureta
Gimme a like to "pop the E"

It says "Go On"
Super Size with your PSYCHO DOG?
Nina E. Bukada Bungee!

Yatta yatta
I did a cartoon or two (yatta yatta)
Yatta yatta

Movie Ga-Ga (yatta yatta)
Happa ichimai nareba ii
Minna issho da

Yatta yatta
It kills a Subaru (yatta yatta)
Yatta yatta

Nintendo Atari (yatta yatta)
And everybody say Yatta!

G-I-Double EE-F Lives
G-I-Double EE-F Lives

Thank You!

Ho Ho Ho! (I don't know!)
Ho Ho Ho! (I don't know!)
Ho Ho Ho! (I don't know!)
Ho Ho Ho! (I don't know!)


Ho Ho Ho! (I don't know!)
Ho ho oh no...(cuts off)


Sure chigai zama
Hohoemi kureta
Nido to aenaku tatte ii
Kimi ga itakara lucky da!

Heisei fukyou
Seiji fushin
Risetto sae surya saikou da!
Minna iru kara tanoshii!

Yatta yatta
Daigaku kyouju (yatta yatta)
Yatta yatta
Movie star (yatta yatta)
Happa ichimai nareba ii
Minna issho da happy da!

Yatta yatta
Iki wo sueru (yatta yatta)
Yatta yatta
Iki wo hakeru (yatta yatta)
Yannara kurai kenkou da
Everybody say "Yatta"!

Audio Details

WTF is a weird mash up by Neil Cicierega that was used in a weird flash movie of the same name. KKyuubi was originally going to run the entire WTF song through, but then he got tired of WTF and switched to Yatta.


  • References to other Animutations
    • Hyakugojyuuichi: Colin Mochrie Sun and Jay Jay (but in Moscow), "Sources say Wakemen is Biased", "Please do not read this text.", movie is 1:51 seconds long...yet again
    • Hyakugojyuuichi 3: "Feel free to read this text"
    • Earth Vs. Funk/Hyakugojyuuichi Forever: During the final St3r3-O-Vision sequence, a message comes up next to one of the eyes "I personally like these with good Yam Keys". This refers to a message during the final chorus in Hyakugojyuuichi Forever (also presented in St3r3-O-Vision) when a message next to one of the eyes describes it as "looking crusty", and the mondegreen in Earth Vs. Funk "Have a good yam key And a crusty eye".
    • Earth Vs. Funk/Team Rocket's Journey Through Time and Space: "Gahbunga!" and "Wahdee" are combined into "Wadbunga!"
    • Elvis Not Included: Just as Toxic got tired of "Walk the Dinosaur", KKyuubi got tired of WTF so he cut off the first song and replaced it with something completely different...
    • The Japanese Pokerap: Blinking message "Hikeeba", quickly changes to "Nostril Uncle Sam"
    • Gimme That Cracker: Random Pokerap Guy gets hit by a box of Lemon Gummies..yet again
    • Team Rocket's Journey Through Time and Space: Snakes that we were asked to watch out for ate the rest of "WTF: The Movie"
    • Foo-La-La!: Lemon Gummy crate labeled "Lemon Gummies (not Foo-La-La), modified screenshot later in movie
    • The Moscow Incident: 25 Years Later: Reused picture of Moscow, message from a sabotager from this movie as sublimital message. Leftovers from "I did a cartoon or two" and the St3r3-O-Vision finale are sent down into space in a simliar way to how Compton Boo got the hay through a Sashen Hole, but they are exploded instead of sucked in.
    • Shockwave Flashback/Irrational Exuberance: Reused Mondegreens
    • Irrational Exuberance: Modified screenshots from other Animutations with "Yatta" photoshopped in. Slide near end with history of Animutation, "Gieef Lives" from end of Irrational Exuberance in St3r3-O-Vision.
    • A Sticky Night of Love: The "HappaTai sues itchy guys" news scene is based off a ticker headline in the newscast scene in "A Sticky Night of Love" stating "Lawsuit against Itchy Guys settled". Sublimital Message "WALRUS HENTAI!". Gendo Ikari (identified as "It") kills a Subaru like he did in "A Sticky Night of Love".
    • All of KKyuubi's movies: Screenshots from DAIKENKAI! YAY!, More Pie!, 3.14 x 5, Bakkwo: Part of the Souls 1, The Moscow Incident: 25 Years Later, and Gimme That Cracker shown during the "I did a cartoon or two" scene.
    • WTF: Uses same song, but without the Speak-N-Spell part at the beginning.
    • Dan Hibiki for Prezidénté: "Jimmy Neutron finally gets his Whummo"
    • Part 1 of "What The?!": Headline on ANN news ticker reads "Production of "WTF: The Movie" halted by incident with Snakes on plane"
    • Drunk Magikoopa's Movies: Some of his moves have the alternate title "Generic Internet Music Video #[six-digit number]", and "What The?!" is "Generic Internet Movie #242151"
  • Photoshopped screenshots shown during Yatta segment:
  • Headlines shown on the Animutation News Network ticker during the "HappaTai sues itchy guys" scene:
    • Sources say Wakeman is Biased
    • Please do not read this text
    • Feel free to read this text
    • Sue Itchy Guys, uh huh
    • Production of "WTF: The Movie" halted by incident with Snakes on plane
    • This is ANN: The Animutation News Network, Wadbunga!
    • Jimmy Neutron finally gets his Whummo
  • As a joke, KKyuubi decided to make a full version of the first half of this movie (without it cutting off) into a seperate animutation called "WTF: The Movie", under demand of people on Animutation Portal who commented that the 2nd half of the movie lost it's steam because of the song switch.
  • The "I don't know!" in the song WTF, was taken from the movie "Pee Wee's Big Adventure", during the scene in which Pee Wee holds a meeting to discuss his stolen bike.

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